Hometown: Breezy Point, NY

Birthday: June 27

Training/education: SUNY New Paltz BS '06, Yoga Vida 200 hr Spring '15, Sky Ting Mentorship Fall '15

Mentor: Chloe Kernaghan, Krissy Jones, Tamara Levinson @Cuchira, and Lady Gaga

Favorite prop: 7 blocks, a strap, and oils. 

Primary practice: Freestyle asana with pelvic floor engagement and Ujjayi breathing + Spirit animal shamanic journey meditations!

Teaching style: Inviting + invigorating. Purposeful sequencing with meditative alignment cueing. Spin Teacher since '08. I like to heat up the body making room for change. I aim to leave students with a sense of strength in hearing our authentic voices.

What poses do you always teach: Tree + Warrior 2 + Triangle + Janu sirsasana

Favorite pose? Navasana (boat pose) + Vasisthasana (side plank)

Least favorite pose? Navasana (boat pose) + Ankle to Knee Pose

NYC neighborhood: Rockaway Beach

Favorite fruit: Avocado

Favorite tunes for yoga: Emancipator, Sylvan EssoMatisyahuJack Johnson

Most embarrassing yoga moment?: When I share way too much in class :D

Interests outside of yoga: Cooking Dancing Writing Costuming Parading + The Ocean.

Special talent: Connecting with others + holding comfortable space.

Hunter or gatherer: Gatherer/sharer of light.

What word do you always spell wrong: Necessary? 

Alien life?: 💯

Anything else you want to add? I am also a Holistic Health Coach, sharing love for every person on this earth. 'Your Love is the best medicine, I shine like Edison whenever I let it in. Love is the Power that opens every flower and transforms this coward into a champion' + MC Yogi

Social media handle/website: @stretchinginpublicstretchinginpublic.com