Hometown: Oxford, OH 

Birthday: May 6th (Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Rising Cancer)

Training/education: 200hr at Yoga Vida w/ Chloe Kernaghan, Krissy Jones, and Cat Aquaviva / partial NYU education ... no degree, plenty of debt ;)

Mentor: Dages Juvelier-Keates, Chloe Kernaghan

Primary practice: pranayama,  restorative, and meditation.

Teaching style: setting up conditions for breath, rest, embodiment, and joy.  Think deep stretching meets conscious stillness.

Favorite tunes for yoga: Frank + Solange, Feist + Stevie, Spice Girls + Sade, Sly and the Family Stone ... too many to choose from.

Interests outside of yoga: never heard of 'em. If I did: plants / botany (some of my best friends are pothos), running (secretly competitive), Game of Thrones (RIP Olenna)

Special talent: Dancing on My Own

Favorite fruit: Grapefruit - juiced, brûlée, sugar coated, doesn't matter.

Alien life?: Hopefully. Somebody save us from ourselves.

Favorite NYC neighborhood?: Chinatown (what's above 4th street, don't know)

Social media handle/website: @ohtomtom