Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA

Birthday: August 6

Training/education: BA Phys Ed/Exercise Physiology from UC Berkeley; ASCM Health/Fitness Instructor; Pilates Mat and Full Apparatus Certified by Kelly Kane School of Core Integration; Certified Kickboxing Instructor; Schwinn Cycling Certified Instructor; PMA Certified Pilates Instructor and Continuing Education Provider

Mentor: Kelly Kane

Favorite prop: Stability Ball

Teaching style: Steele Pilates

NYC neighborhood: Tribeca

Favorite fruit: Watermelon

Interests outside of yoga: dance, choreography, photography

Special talent: Choreographing, photography, baking chocolate chip cookies for my kids

Hunter or gatherer: Hunter

What word do you always spell wrong: ...let me think about that...

Alien life?: Duh, yes!

Anything else you want to add? I love to work with focused intention and clarity.

Social media handle/website: teristeelepilates.com