Hometown: Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Birthday: December 13

Training/education: 75-hr Kula Yoga Project, 500-hr Yoga Medicine

Mentor: I get to practice with and am inspired by so many amazing teachers: Eddie Stern, Magnolia Zuniga, Tiffany Cruikshank, Oceana Baity, Ariel Karass. 

Favorite prop: Always blocks

Primary practice: Ashtanga and Vipassana- keeps me disciplined

Teaching style: Alignment based Vinyasa

What poses do you always teach: Surya A, B, and Trikonasana

Favorite pose? Sirsasana (Headstand) or anything opening up the side body

Least favorite pose? Navasana (Boat pose), if I have to hold it for a long time

NYC neighborhood: Fort Greene

Favorite fruit: Strawberry and avocado

Favorite tunes for yoga: Nothing too distracting- currently loving Garth Stevenson and chill Bonobo

Most embarrassing yoga moment?: Losing my voice mid-class and having to rasp through

Interests outside of yoga: Traveling, hiking, wine, cooking and fermenting things, learning Japanese

Social media handle/website: @stephfaywang