Hometown: Seattle, WA

Birthday: December 30

Training/education: Western Washington University, BA '13, Sky Ting 200 HR, Sky Ting Mentorship, Work Study @ The Studio (Katonah)

Mentor: Nature

Primary practice: Asana and meditation, daily journaling

Teaching style: In my classes I use movement and breath to encourage students to tune in to the internal rhythms of their bodies - so you're not just moving through space, but you're finding more space within to radiate out. 

Favorite tunes for yoga: It changes with my mood... 

Interests outside of yoga: dancing! boxing, running, I love to travel, eat good food, spend a few hours reading in McNally Jackson

Special Talent? Craving chocolate at all hours of the day  

Favorite fruit: Figs are very sensual... pomegranates are fun... but I'm a citrus fanatic. Lemons all day all ways. 

Alien life? Yes and I'm scared. 

NYC neighborhood: Chinatowwwww

Social media handle/website: @selena.maisonpierre