Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Birthday: August 11

Training/education: Sky Ting Teacher Training 1 200 Hours, Sky Ting Mentorship, Philip Merrill College of Journalism - UMD (go terps!)

Mentor: Jenn Tardi

Primary practice (asana, pranyama, meditation, all?): a combo of asana, pranayama, meditation and belly-laughing

Teaching style: equal parts effort and grace with an emphasis on alignment and meeting yourself where you're at.

Favorite tunes for yoga: an eclectic mix of tunes you want to groove to with some nature sounds for good measure, there is almost always one classic throwback for funsie

Interests outside of yoga: anything that involves the outdoors, cooking, traveling, art (appreciating and making), readin

Special Talent? my laugh is of the snort variety, i have a very good memory

Favorite fruit: blueberrie

Alien life? ye

NYC neighborhood: chinatown

Social media handle/website: @rodorset