Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA

Birthday (not year): March 2 - fishy

Training/education: I’ve done a lot of trainings. most recently w/ schuyler grant (kula)

Mentor: My family

Favorite prop: ooo the sandbag

Primary practice: I like to combine asana pranayama & meditation, with a dash of qi gong & kundalini for good measure.  

Teaching style: intelligent, breath-based vinyasa

What poses do you always teach: Balancing Poses

NYC neighborhood: Nolita

Favorite fruit: it’s a tie between Mangosteen & Durian

Favorite tunes for yoga: Philip Glass, Jon Hopkins

Most embarrassing yoga moment: hmmm

Interests outside of yoga: I like to bake, mostly sweet things.  I like to ride my bicycle long distances.  I love the sound & sensation of being underwater.    

Special talent: I’m an eagle scout. so i can do cool stuff like set up a tent in the dark and light a fire in the rain without a match. 

Hunter or gatherer: gatherer. great question.

What word do you always spell wrong: i have phenomenel speling