Hometown: North Danville, Vermont

Birthday: January 31

Training/education: Bastyr University, B.Sc Health Psychology 2004; RYT 200 hour Ana Forrest Yoga Teacher Training 2004; Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2006; 2 x RYT 200 hour Maya Yoga with Eddie Modestini & Nicki Doane 2009 - 2010; RYT 300 hour Advanced Maya Yoga with Eddie Modestini & Nicki Doane 2015; 50 hour FLY Advanced Training Laughing Lotus 2016

Mentor: Dr. Michael Winer, Betty Moore

Favorite prop: I love them all!

Primary practice: All

Teaching style: Sweet deep intentional feel-good creative vinyasa. It's different every day

What poses do you always teach: Dog, Lunge, Twist

Favorite pose? Urdhva Danurasana

Least favorite pose? Shoulderstand ... The one I need the most!

NYC neighborhood: Nolita

Favorite fruit: Figs

Favorite tunes for yoga: Nicholas Jaar, Yokoo, Sigur Ros, Thievery Corporation, Radiohead, Bowie, Dylan, Peter Kater ... the list goes on and on ...

Most embarrassing yoga moment?: Teaching with a bad yoga bra ... Nipple Exposer!

Interests outside of yoga: Nature ... all of it. Adventure, travel, poetry, live music, light, costumes

Special talent: Dancin on stilts

Hunter or gatherer: Both

What word do you always spell wrong: Definitely ... Defiantly

Alien life?: Oh yes ... surely I'm from outer space

Social media handle/website: @mariahbetts