Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Birthday: April 25th 

Training/education: Three Sisters Yoga, Yoga Vida, Sky Ting, DePaul University, School called Life

Mentors: Too many to name

Primary practice? Asana, Yoga Nidra

Teaching style: Accessible, nourishing, balanced and conducive to increasing consciousness of self and our interconnectedness to the universe

What poses do you always teach? Savasana

Favorite pose? Savasana 

Least favorite pose? Warrior 1

NYC neighborhood? Harlem

Favorite fruit? Mango

Favorite tunes for yoga? Depends on the day

Most embarrassing yoga moment? lol farting

Interests outside of yoga: Food, sleep, photos, building tings, biking, loving

Special talent? Waking up without an alarm

Hunter or gatherer?  Both

What word do you always spell wrong? Guarantee, wait omg!!

Alien life? Duh, seen 'em!

Anything else you want to add? <3

Social media handle/website:

insta: @liddybiddy_ @rareandwell @alpahbodies_official