Hometown: California - the Bay and LA

Birthday: January 22

Training/education: UCLA; YTT with Erich Schiffmann, Ally Hamilton, Shiva Rea, Budokon

Mentor: Ally Hamilton

Favorite prop: I appreciate props but prefer minimal equipment in my practice

Primary practice: meditative flow

Teaching style: flow

What poses do you always teach: Child’s Pose. all kinds of Dog. Savasana. 

Favorite pose? Child’s Pose. 

Least favorite pose? Frog.

NYC neighborhood: Tribeca.

Favorite fruit: Berries.

Favorite tunes for yoga: Anything soulful. 

Most embarrassing yoga moment?: Falling on my head in my first year of teaching while demonstrating Flip Dog on the hardwood floor with just-moisturized hands.

Interests outside of yoga: quality time with loved ones. reading. coffee. matcha. anything cozy.

Special talent: i can drive stick in both right side and left side drive cars. 

Hunter or gatherer: gatherer

What word do you always spell wrong: occasionally. 

Alien life?: definitely.

Social media handle/website: @leahkimyogafacebook, instagram, twitter