Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Birthday: July 19th

Training/education: Anusara teacher trainings, yoga therapy training, massage therapy, body tuning, structural integration

Mentor: If I'm going to answer it honestly, the ocean is my mentor. Im not really inspired by humans right now...  So my answer is the ocean, I learn so much more from her than I do from any one else at this time in my life

Primary practice: Asana and meditation

Teaching style: My class is all about movement and flow as a means to discover the space inside your body.

What poses do you always teach? The usual suspects: Warrior 1, warrior 11, triangle, but with a twist (meaning I make you experience them differently)

Favorite pose? Ankle to knee pose

Least favorite pose? I don't have one, honestly

NYC neighborhood? east village

Favorite fruit? Apple

Favorite tunes for yoga? Bruce Springsteen, at the moment  

Most embarrassing yoga moment? I cant think of anything. Maybe I blocked them all out?

Interests outside of yoga: surfing, cooking, photography, etc, etc.. Im a person of many interests

Special talent? I can twist my tongue

Hunter or gatherer? Gatherer

What word do you always spell wrong? Necessary  

Alien life? Yes

Social media handle/website:

instagram: shadylawn