Name: Krissy Jones

Hometown: Portage, Indiana

Birthday: August 27

Training/education: Indiana University, BS , YV 200 hr, Yoga Shanti 100hr Advanced Training, Katonah Yoga Mentorship 

Mentor: Nevine Michaan - so grateful for her

Primary practice? ASANA + Pranayama. I like to meditate in the pose.

Teaching style: Krissy's teachings are seeded in many years of a dedicated yet varied practice deconstructing form through yoga and dance. Her teaching method is steeped in geometric alignment principals, pranayama and Taoist studies, as taught by her mentor Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. She is known for a lighthearted and lively teaching style with informative material set to eclectic playlists. Krissy is a Nike sponsored yoga trainer.

What poses do you always teach? Pigeon, down dog, fish with blocks! 

Favorite pose? Plough + Ankle to Knee

Least favorite pose? Chair Pose + Warrior 1

NYC neighborhood? CHINATOWN!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite fruit? nectarine

Favorite tunes for yoga? Fleetwood Mac + Drake + Blood Orange

Most embarrassing yoga moment?  When Chloe makes dad jokes in class.

Interests outside of yoga: dancing, making stuff out of natural shit (lipbalm, hair masks, candles), ARCHERY (just got a bow and arrow), swimming, taking care of my plants, traveling, taking iphone photos and putting them on my blog www.cellpicturestrickle.tumblr.com

Special talent? falling asleep anywhere, driving stick shift, talking in my sleep

Hunter or gatherer? Hunter/scavenger

What word do you always spell wrong? Australopithecus 

Alien life? Yes. Take me to your leader. 

Anything else you want to add? I want to add joy to people's lives!

Social media handle/website:

insta: @krassyjones

website: krissyjonesyoga.com