Hometown: Newark, NJ

Birthday (not year): February 24

Training/education: 200 hr Vinyasa, 200 hr Classical Hatha & 100 hr Lotus Flow

Mentor: Yogi Charu and Dana Trixie Flynn

Primary practice: Asana and Meditation

Teaching style: I teach a spiritual and athletic vinyasa flow practice with the use of dynamic and static postures linked with fluid transitions.  

What poses do you always teach: Balancing Poses

Favorite pose: Bharadvajasana (Twist)

Least favorite pose: Krounchasana (Heron Pose)

NYC neighborhood: Harlem

Favorite fruit: Strawberry

Favorite tunes for yoga: Songs with a bass!

Most embarrassing yoga moment: I lost my voice during teaching and sounded like Marge Simpson for a week.

Interests outside of yoga: Delicious vegetarian food

Special talent: I can eat numerous cupcakes in on sitting.  

Hunter or gatherer: Hunter

What word do you always spell wrong: All of them, thank you autocorrect!

Alien life: Somewhere out there

Website: www.kajuandouglas.com