Joanna Ross-Tash


Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Birthday: March 27

Training/education: 200hr + mentorship at Yoga Vida and continuing studies at Katonah Yoga

Mentor: Abbie Galvin + Nevine Michaan

Favorite prop: Wooden Blocks

Primary practice: (asana, pranayama, meditation, all?) Asana and Pranayama

Teaching style: Vinyasa informed by Katonah... Katonyasa? Vintonah?

What poses do you always teach: Anjunasana with all sorts of arm variations. The backbend is so informative and freeing.

Favorite pose? Warrior 2. I love the imagery of a strong focused warrior and the sharp clear angles the pose demands.

Least favorite pose? Tree pose, balance on my left foot is my personal hell and my most important work.

NYC neighborhood: Crown heights, Brooklyn :)

Favorite fruit: Honey crisp apple

Favorite tunes for yoga: I love contemporary composers. Greg Haines is magic.

Most embarrassing yoga moment?: The first time I taught yoga I was just shaking and totally terrified. It's scarier than you think to talk in front of a lot of get used to it!

Interests outside of yoga: none + art history + photography

Special talent: Oiy- maybe nothing...

Hunter or gatherer: Gatherer

What word do you always spell wrong: Reservoir

Alien life?: Definitely, just went to the Natural History Museum. Neil Degrasse Tyson explained the expanse of the universe and it seems unlikely we are the only ones out there...

Anything else you want to add? I love yoga. I love teaching yoga. I love Sky Ting.

Social media handle/website: @joannarosstash