Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Birthday: March 17

Training + Education: I've completed a bajillion hours of training, but more importantly consider myself to be a life long student. My teaching style is a blend of my favorite methodologies spanning Vinyasa, Iyengar, Katonah and Hatha Yoga.

Mentors: Nikki Costello, Nevine Michaan, Rima Rani Rabbath & Abbie Galvin

Primary practice: Reading, pranayama, asana and meditation

Favorite prop: Sandbags because I need help grounding down

Teaching style: I teach the poses and rituals that resonate most with me. My classes can be challenging, but only so that we can use our bodies to effect real change on our minds. We start with effort so that grace can follow. 

What poses do you always teach: I always start with some sort of sun sal because you go to the sun when you want to become vibrant. Then we harness that heat to light a fire and (hopefully) transform. 

Favorite pose: Triangle because it's the holy trinity, dynamic and feels amazing! 

Least favorite pose: Ganda Bherundasana (chin stand) because once I did it on an old mat and got 'rug burn' on my chin and it was just the worst. 

NYC neighborhood: Chinatown because... Sky Ting : )

Favorite tunes for yoga: Fleetwood Mac, Biggie Smalls, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, Wilsen, and anything by Dev Hynes  

Interests outside of yoga: Teaching myself to draw

Website: jenntardifyoga.com