Hometown: Little Italy in the Bronx NYC

Birthday: January 24

Training/education: Bachelors of art in International Criminal Justice - Yoga Vida 200 Hour TT - Pure Yoga 100 Hour Therapeutic Yoga - Certified Megaformer Instructor at SLT

Mentor: Zoe Silverman - Dana Slamp & Bethany Meyers

Favorite prop? bolster duh!

Primary practice (asana, pranyama, meditation, all?): Asana - slow flow - meditation 20 min per day

Teaching style: I always try to intelligently sequence a slow flow with tons of core and hip opening poses using props and detailed cuing in order to serve my students.

What poses do you always teach? half moon &  Anjanaeasana  

Favorite pose? Urdvha Danurasana (full wheel)

Least favorite pose? None - I just love Yoga

NYC neighborhood? East Village

Favorite fruit? apricot

Favorite tunes for yoga?  Right now

Going to California - Led Zeppelin

Take Shelter - Years & Years

Anything from Radiohead always

Most embarrassing yoga moment?  When my bestie starts talking out loud about her pose in the middle of yoga class while we are on the front row - ya'll know who I'm talking about. Lol

Interests outside of yoga: Fitness, Food & travel!

Special talent? I can dance salsa & merengue!

Hunter or gatherer? Hunter rawwrrr

What word do you always spell wrong? consciousness hahaha

Alien life? Yass!!! I date an alien.

Social media handle/website -