EVA GIorgi


Hometown: Bedford Hills, NY

Birthday: August 15

Training/education: Mentorship with Nevine Michaan, Katonah Yoga 2004-present. Prajna Yoga 2011. Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism. Aromahead Institute of Essential Oils. 

Mentor: Nevine Michaan

Favorite prop: wooden block. Someone else’s foot.

Primary practice: all

Teaching style: Katonah Yoga

What poses do you always teach: supported bridge

Favorite pose? the ones where I contact Self.

Least favorite pose? the ones where I contact Self

NYC neighborhood: I am a country mouse.

Favorite fruit: berries! Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries,service berries, wineberries, huckleberries. all the berries- room temp.

Favorite tunes for yoga: Ma Muse, Lapsely- the sound of collective breath.

Most embarrassing yoga moment?: being called out for leaving trails of fragrant oils on the ground. Im an aromatherapy oil snail.

Interests outside of yoga: plants, animals, especially my dog. Sleeping outside. living outside.

Special talent: I make mean meal over a fire!

Hunter or gatherer: both.

What word do you always spell wrong: apropriate.

Alien life?: stargate forever.

Social media handle/website: @evatwine, evatwine.com