Birthday: August 14

Training/education: Yoga Vida 200-HR; Sky Ting mentorship with Krissy and Chloe; BS, Fashion Institute of Technology

Mentor: Krissy Jones, Chloe Kernaghan, Riji Suh

Favorite prop: Sandbag in rounded plough

Primary practice: Asana

Teaching style: Vinyasa flow that focuses on alignment principals and breath. Elise encourages students to stay present, work hard, and take their yoga practice off the mat. 

What poses do you always teach: Cat/Cow with flipped wrists, Anjaneyasana

Favorite pose? Rounded plough...Ahhh

Least favorite pose? Crow

NYC neighborhood: Lower East Side

Favorite fruit: Red grapes

Favorite tunes for yoga: Anything and everything R&B

Interests outside of yoga: spending time with family and friends, writing, travel

Special talent: I don't have a special talent! Not one that I can perform at least. 

Hunter or gatherer: Hunter

What word do you always spell wrong: Definitly...definitely!

Alien life? I think so...

Anything else you want to add? My favorite Biggie quote: "Only make moves when ya hearts in it. And live the phrase Sky's The Limit."

Social media handle/website: