Hometown: Oakhurst, New Jersey

Birthday: February 6

Training/education: Sattva Yoga, Kundaini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, ISHA meditation + yoga

Mentor: Master Teachers Ma Dyhan Siddhi + Anand Mehotra

Favorite prop: Super thin mat so I can feel the ground beneath me. Blanket or bolster for seated meditation. 

Primary practice: Kriya, Pranyama, Meditation, Freedom Movement

Teaching style: Movement, meditation and stillness. I use a combination of Sattva, Kundalini and Kriya based practices to create an experience that helps you to access your essence and embody your power and your grace. Prenatal practice follows the same thread with a strong focus on the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Space and the Miracle of Life blossoming within you. 

What poses do you always teach: Ego Eradicator, Sufi Grind, Spinal Flex, Heart Opening Kriya, Cat/Cow, Shaking. For prenatal practice I do same moves and replace shaking with hip circles and LOTS of squats!! 

Favorite pose? Heart Opening Kriya. It stretches the meridians and channels from the center of the heart to the tips of the fingers. It hurts so good!! And helps you open your heart to the love you are. Also, Standing Sufi Heart... a very mystical and feminine move. Shaking!! It releases and attunes entire nervous system in minutes. Amazing move. In traditional asana I do LOVE Tree Pose. It's both grounding and expansive at the same time. Rooting and rising. That is the spot of pure power and grace!! 

Least favorite pose? LOVE it all!! Especially the challenging, uncomfortable ones. One word: BREAKTHROUGH!!

NYC neighborhood: NOHO

Favorite fruit: Tart Apple

Favorite tunes for yoga: Kundalini Chants

Interests outside of yoga: Peleton + Soul Cycle, Exploring the city with my man, Food: cooking + enjoying yummy dinners at local restaurants with friends and family where we order and share the entire menu :), La Colombe Coffee. Nature: parks, woods, mountains, beaches, flowers. Sunrise + Sunset. Travel near and far. Culture. Kids!! Animals. Writing. Meditation. Sacred spaces. Soul connections. Design. Top-shelf tequila. The Moon. The Stars. LOVE.

Special talent: Listening deeply. 

Hunter or gatherer: Definitely HUNTER!! 

What word do you always spell wrong: Consciousness, ironically. 

Alien life?: Absolutely.

Anything else you want to add? 

Social media handle/website: @elanaslott@elanaslottymhelanaslott.com