Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Birthday: November 19th

Training/education: YttP 200hr, Conquering Lion Advanced Certification (6month training in Hatha + Tibetan Buddhism), Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training with Harijiwan and Tej, Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine

Mentor: Chris Chen, Guru Jagat, Taylor Eyewalker

Favorite prop: Meditation cushion

Primary practice (asana, pranyama, meditation, all?): ALL BAB

Teaching style: Kundalini Yoga

What poses do you always teach: Cat/Cow to balance the glandular system / hormones so you can create the feelings you want in any given moment

Favorite pose? Sat Kriya

Least favorite pose? Sat Kriya

NYC neighborhood: I’m a Williamsburg girl but if I had to pick, LES for sure

Favorite fruit: Raspberrie

Favorite tunes for yoga: White Sun

Most embarrassing yoga moment?: I slipped a disc doing drop backs trying to impress a teacher. 

Interests outside of yoga: (still thinking…..) 

Special talent: I can make my tongue into a four leaf clover

Hunter or gatherer: Realistically, sit back wait for people to bring it all home…. :P

What word do you always spell wrong: Receive. Every time. “I COMES BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C"

Alien life?: Syrian Star Seed

Social media handle/website: — @_benshen_