Hometown: Westchester, NY

Birthday: Valentine’s Day!

Training/education: Katonah Yoga

Mentor: Nevine Michaan

Favorite prop? any hands placed on me.

Primary practice (asana, pranyama, meditation, all?) All!

Teaching style: I teach Katonah Yoga. I believe yoga is a learned skill and the more tools and techniques one can uncover, the more joyful and rewarding life will be. My intention is for my students to leave feeling spacious, flushed out and more insightful (and powerful!)

What poses do you always teach? pigeon

Favorite pose? any pose I am being adjusted in

Least favorite pose? splits

NYC neighborhood? Gypsy-- you can find me bopping around somewhere south of 14th street

Favorite fruit? Durian

Favorite tunes for yoga? Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Most embarrassing yoga moment? teachers calling me out for moaning in class?

Interests outside of yoga: none. I like to pee outside.

Special talent? best eater i know

Hunter or gatherer? I like to hunt and gather

What word do you always spell wrong? when my iphone autocorrects meditation to mediation

Alien life? Can’t wait!

Anything else you want to add? Fit yourself before you fit others.

Social media handle/website

Facebook: Danielle Rosati

@danielle.rosati (IG)