Hometown: Jackson Hole, WY

Birthday: August 24 

Training/education: Lineages: Bihar School of Yoga/Swami Satyananda, 
3HO/Yogi Bhajan, Katonah Yoga
Other edu: Bard College (BA) and NYU (MA)

Mentor: Nevine Michaan

Favorite prop: Sandbag 

Primary practice: asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra

Teaching style: I teach Katonah Yoga, which synthesizes Taoist theory, hatha yoga, breathwork, and meditation to create strength, structure, and stability. I invite you toward enjoyment of breath, the richness of sensation, and the vitality of the body. My approach to teaching will help you to renovate your fascia and release long-held tension, through the use of attuned adjustment, precise geometry, and loads of metaphors.

What poses do you always teach: dogs, hangs, and twists

Favorite pose: Nidrasana

Least favorite pose: Bakasana 

NYC neighborhood: Williamsburg

Favorite fruit: passion fruit 

Favorite tunes for yoga: whatever is on

Most embarrassing yoga moment: you can only imagine

Interests outside of yoga: art, literature, herbal elixirs, bike rides, theory, history, adventure, sensual delights 

Special talent: nauli 

Hunter or gatherer: both/and

What word do you always spell wrong: judgment

Alien life: why not?