Hometown: Sag Harbor, NY

Birthday: August 23

Training/Education: Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor 200 hour Teacher Training 2013/14, Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor Advanced 100 hour teacher training module 2015, Mentored Yoga Shanti NYC 200 hr teacher trainings 2014/2015, 2015/2016, BFA in Photography / Media, CalArts

Mentors: Rodney Yee, and Colleen Saidmen Yee

Favorite prop: ALL the Props! But if I had to choose I'd have to go with a block.

Primary Practice: Asana

Teaching style: Considered sequences for all stages of the practice that leave students feeling, clear, mobile and strong. Expect potent alignment cues, the rhythm of vinyasa and restorative elements that give a sense of dimension in the body.

What poses do you always teach: Savasana

Favorite Pose: Handstand

Least Favorite Pose: Purvottanasana

NYC Neighborhood: Flat Iron / Chinatown

Favorite Fruit: Avocado

Favorite Tunes for Yoga: This year, D'Angelo is on almost all of my playlists. And you can always expect some Lauryn Hill.

Most Embarrassing Yoga Moment: I forgot to put my phone on silent during class, and I was playing music, so it blared through the room -- so basic, so lame.

Interest's outside of yoga: Reading at the beach...

Special Talent: My basic understanding of Swedish.

What Word do you always spell wrong: Resturaunt...

Alien Life? There are for sure other life forms in this universe. No Doubt.

Social / website? @thechristophergolden