Hometown: Asan, Guam

Birthday: December 19

Training/education: New York University, BFA '09, Yoga Vida, 200 hr Fall '11, FAMI Workshop '12, Relax and Renew Restorative Training '14, Yoga Shanti, 100hr Advanced Training '15

Mentors: Nevine Michaan, Abbie Galvin

Primary practice? Asana finished with Pranayama

Teaching style: Chloe's teachings derive from several traditions of yoga and an expanded study of physicality in general. Her classes are typically defined by an emphasis on structural integration, a connection to music and a unifying theme to ponder. Her aim is to help students better connect with themselves and with the world-wide-web of life.

What poses do you always teach? squats, hero's pose, ploughs, side bends // malasana, virasana, halasana, parvritta/uttitha everything

Favorite pose? Gomukasana // cow face pose (Katonah style)

Least favorite pose? Gomukasana // cow face pose (Katonah style)  

NYC neighborhood? CHINATOWN

Favorite fruit? Passion Fruits and Raspberries

Favorite tunes for yoga? Kygo, Wyclef Jean, Nico, Julianna Barwick

Most embarrassing yoga moment? no comment

Interests outside of yoga: making dances

Special talent? TEACHING YOGA... jkjkjk

Hunter or gatherer? Gatherer

What word do you always spell wrong? recomended  // recommended

Alien life? sure hope so.  

Anything else you want to add? the love that loves to love the love that loves to love the love that loves to love the love that loves to love the love that loves to love the love -van morrison

Social media handle/website:  

insta: @chloe_kernaghan