Hometown: St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Birthday: December 29

Training/education: Columbia University BA in Sociology ‘10, Yoga Vida 200 hour training Fall ‘12 & mentorship program Spring ‘13, Kaivalya Yoga Method 100 hour training Fall ‘13, living in New York

Mentor: My mother

Favorite prop: Blocks because they're practical and chairs because they're fun

Primary practice: Meditation and asana

Teaching style: Alignment based vinyasa. But really I teach whatever I’m feeling and what is appropriate for the group in that moment

What poses do you always teach: Anjaneyasana and wide leg pyramid

Favorite pose? Supta Virasana

Least favorite pose? Hanumanasana

NYC neighborhood: Williamsburg

Favorite fruit: Mangos all day!

Favorite tunes for yoga: Any music that makes me feel something. For specifics creep me on Spotify

Interests outside of yoga: Beach, sun, skiing, traveling, eating good food

Special talent: Falling asleep anywhere. Don’t get me drunk in da club

Hunter or gatherer: Gatherer

What word do you always spell wrong: Receipt

Alien life?: I’ve seen some in my fridge

Anything else you want to add: Never settle, it’s like saying you don’t trust in the abundance of the universe