Hometown. RAMSEY NJ

Birthday: June 14

Training/education:  Jaya Yoga.  The New School. Katonah Yoga.

Mentor:  Abbie Galvin

Favorite prop?  A good ol' block

Primary practice? Asana

Teaching style:  My teaching style runs the gamut. I try to take as many classes with as many teachers as I can in order to unite different techniques and styles and make them my own.  You will move in my class for sure, and I will definitely play fun music, and I will absolutely incorporate a lot of Katonah Yoga posture and dialogue.  

What poses do you always teach?  Down dog. Pigeon.

Favorite pose?  Plow all the way.

Least favorite pose?  Anytime I have to twist to the left.

NYC neighborhood? East Williamsburg

Favorite fruit? Nectarine

Favorite tunes for yoga? Something with a catchy beat that makes you want to dance

Most embarrassing yoga moment? My first public class when I got so nervous that I blacked out, lost track of time and ended class a half hour early

Interests outside of yoga?  NOTHING. Juuuust Kiiiiidng. I love my friends, dogs, reading, working on different projects, coffee talks and binge watching a TV show or two on a rainy afternoon.

Special talent? I'm a decent doodler.

Hunter or gatherer? Hunter.

What word do you always spell wrong? accomodate (accommodate)

Alien life? Absolutely

Anything else you want to add?  Why are there two m's in accommodate?

Social media handle/website.  www.alexsharry.com ; alexsharry on instagram ; isntalexsharry on twitter