Hometown: Westport, CT

Birthday: April 29

Training/education: Hatha 200hr Tamil Nadu, India; Art of Attention with Elena Brower; Restorative with Judith Lasater; Vipassana with Jill Satterfield // International Culinary Center; NYU

Mentor: Elena Brower + Ally Bogard

Favorite prop: bolster

Primary practice: all

Teaching style: I weave together several traditions and styles, consistently drawing on my own practice. My classes incorporate alignment, breath, and conscious movement with heart and spirit threaded thematically throughout. 

What poses do you always teach: savasana

Favorite pose? supta virasana with lots of props

Least favorite pose? urdhva dhanurasana

NYC neighborhood: east/west village

Favorite fruit: papaya with lime

Favorite tunes for yoga: strings, piano, deep/ambient electronic

Interests outside of yoga: cooking, making chocolate, gardening, traveling, skiing, being in the mountains/water/nature

Hunter or gatherer: gatherer

What word do you always spell wrong: minuscule

Alien life?: definitely

Anything else you want to add? caravanwith.us

Social media handle/website: alexdarayoga.com // @alexandra_cohen