Hometown: Katonah, NY

Birthday: December 27th

Training/education: Katonah Yoga - life and Dharma Mittra 200 DY LOAY TT

Mentors: Abbie Galvin, Nevine Michaan

Favorite prop? blanket

Primary practice? asana, pranayama, hinging (?)

Teaching style: I teach Katonah Yoga. My work is physically demanding and heavily based in Taoist theory and archetypal geometry. I'm trying to awaken in sleeping people the knowledge of who they are and the power they possess.

What poses do you always teach? I could teach a whole class in dog, and I would love it

Favorite pose? spinning

Least favorite pose? splits

NYC neighborhood? Bushwick

Favorite fruit? tangerines

Favorite tunes for yoga? Caribou

Most embarrassing yoga moment? when i fart  

Interests outside of yoga: I write songs on my banjo and sing them, I'm in a dance company, I play ultimate frisbee, I record audio books, I love the I-Ching and riding my bike, I really love science fiction, I love pizza, and I play magic the gathering

Special talent? pogoing

Hunter or gatherer? hunter but a nice one

What word do you always spell wrong? centrifuge

Alien life? Klingon